Welcome to the 1. Rauch & GlutSteak Cook Off. Open for all! Bring your own Grill and Charcoal and Start the competition!

DER Steak Wettbewerb kommt zur Rauch und Glut nach Freiburg. Jeder kann mitmachen. Grill und Kohle mitbringen und los gehts.

    • The contest is limited to 30 Teams. Forest come, first serve.
    • Registration Fee is EUR 80,-.
    • Teams without Paypal, please drop us a email and we send you a code for your registration.
    • With your registration you accept our RULES AND REGULATIONS.



SCA Anmeldung Rauch und Glut


Preliminary Steak Timeline:
Saturday 07. March 2020
13:00  Cooks Meeting Steak Cook-Off and Steak Selection
15:00 Judge Meeting
16:00 – 16:30 Turn-In Steak´s
18:30  Award´s on Stage
SCA Rep: Petra Rebenstorf
More Info: http://www.steakcookoffs.com/


Vorläufiger Ablauf
Samstag 07. März 2020
13:00 Cooks Meeting & Steak Selection
15:00 Judge Meeting
16:00-16:30 Abgabe der Steaks
18:30 Siegerehrung