23.03. The War of Barbeque , Noventa di Piave, Italy. 18 Teams

5th. Chicken
7.th Ribs
2.nd Pork
2.nd Brisket

2nd Overall -> Reserve Grand Champion; GC Bros Hog

07.04. 2nd Meat Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition Wels 2018 , Wels, Austria

7.th Chicken
2.nd Ribs
1.nd Pork
15.th Brisket

4th Overall. GC KGB Barbecue, RGC Egg Head BBQ

14.04. Wild King BBQ Competition , Tirol, Austria

2.th Chicken
7.nd Ribs
2.nd Pork
9.th Brisket

3th Overall. GC EGG HEAD BBQ, RGC White Squirell

21.04. Bardo-Q BBQ Competition , Bardonecchia, Italy

1.th Chicken
11.nd Ribs
10.nd Pork
5.th Brisket

5th Overall. GC Smoking Bad BBQ, RGC Torino Ribs

28.04. KCBS Greek Fire Festival 2018 , Reichshof, Germany 33 Teams

11.th Chicken
12.th Ribs
14.th Pork
1. st Brisket

10th Overall. GC Rokende Regahs, RGC IQ BBQ

13.05. Beer, Fries & BBQ I, Hasselt, Belgium

14.05. Beer, Fries & BBQ II, Hasselt, Belgium

25.05. Brew N Q (INVITATIONAL) Burton Upon Trent, United Kingdom

26.05. Brew N Q Burton Upon Trent, United Kingdom

02.06. IHB, Milano I

03.06. IHB Milano II

01.06. Prime Uve Invitational, Gajarine, Italy

20.08. Euregio BBQ Festival, Waldfeucht, Germany

23.09. Praise the Lard, Murphysborrow, IL, USA