2015 KCBS Smoke by the River, Brugg, Switzerland (20 Teams participating)

4.th  Pork
8.th  Brisket
8.th Sauce
9.th  Ribs
15.th Chicken

9.th Overall

2015 Jack the Ribs, Cologne, Germany

6.th place (Ribs & Chicken)

2015 Tony Stone Low & Slow (68 Teams)

3 rd Dessert
58th Chicken
27th Ribs
45th Pork
22th Brisket

38th Overall

2015 Deutsche Grillmeisterschaft, Hennef, Germany (25 Teams)

13.th Vegetarian BBQ
15.th Pork Loin
19.th Blind course
20.th Beef Ribs
21.th Dessert
22.th Sausage

23.th Overall 🙁

2015 EUregio (22 Teams)

3.rd Chicken
4.th Brisket
13.th Ribs
14.th Pork

4.th Overall

2015 Regahfest, Den Haag, Netherlands (30 Teams)

25.rd Chicken
22.th Brisket
26.th Ribs
22.th Pork

28.th Overall

2015 Ruhrpott BBQ, Germany

62.rd Chicken
6.th Brisket
5.th Ribs
27.th Pork

20.th Overall