Competitions 2018

23.03. The War of Barbeque , Noventa di Piave, Italy. 18 Teams 5th. Chicken Ribs 2.nd Pork 2.nd Brisket 2nd Overall -> Reserve Grand Champion; GC Bros Hog 07.04. 2nd Meat Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition Wels 2018 , Wels, Austria Chicken 2.nd Ribs 1.nd Pork Brisket 4th Overall. GC KGB Barbecue, RGC Egg […]

Competitions 2017

Dragon BBQ Competiton Tour 2017 17.01.2017 W.E.S.T. Rein in Taufers, Italy, 30 Teams 6th. Ribs 9th. Brisken 15th. Chicken 26th. Pork 15th. Gesamt GC BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands, RGC Gecko BBQ 08.04.2017 Meat, Smoke & Beer, Wels, Österreich, 14 Teams Chicken 3.rd Ribs 3.rd Pork Brisket Overall GRAND CHAMPION RGC Sale et Pepe 22.04.2017 […]