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Competitions 2017 – Dragon BBQ Team

Dragon BBQ Competiton Tour 2017

17.01.2017 W.E.S.T. Rein in Taufers, Italy, 30 Teams

6th. Ribs
9th. Brisken
15th. Chicken
26th. Pork
15th. Gesamt

GC BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands, RGC Gecko BBQ

08.04.2017 Meat, Smoke & Beer, Wels, Österreich, 14 Teams

1.st Chicken
3.rd Ribs
3.rd Pork
1.st Brisket

RGC Sale et Pepe

22.04.2017 Bardo Q, Bardoecchia, Italy, 28 Teams

6st. Brisket
19.th Chicken
15.th Ribs
12.th Pork
12.th Overall

GC: Sticky Fingers, RGC Bros Hog

14.05.2017 Beer, Fries & BBQ, Hasselt, Belgium, 50 Teams

3rd. Ribs
23.th Pork
23.th Brisket
28.th Chicken
6.th Overall

GC Southern Dutch BBQ, RGC Bunch of Swines

28.05.2017 Brew ´n Que, Burton upon Trent, UK, Invitational, 26 Teams

2.nd Pork
4.th Brisket
20.th Ribs
22. Chicken
10.th overall

GC White Squirrel, RGC

29.05.2017 Brew ´n Que, Burton upon Trent, UK, Open, 36 Teams

2.nd Pork
3.th Brisket
11.th Ribs
27. Chicken
4.th overall

GC Bros Hog, RGC Bunch of Swines

24.06.2017 Cook in Camarque, DeLes Mer, France, 15 Teams

1.st Chicken
6.th Pork
7.th Ribs
8.th Brisket
3rd Overall

GC Bros Hog, RGC White Squirell

02.07.2017 Prime Uve, Gajarine, Italy, 18 Teams

2.nd Ribs
4.th Pork
10.th Chicken
14.th Brisket
6.th Overall

GC Long Horn Ranch Hands, RGC  Miss Piggy

23.07.2017 2.nd Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival, Bad Bellingen, Germany

20.08.2017 Eurregio, Waldfeucht-Haren, Germany, 31 Teams 

7th Brisket
9th Chicken
10th Pork
10th Ribs

6th. Overall, GC BBQ Wiesel

02.09.2017 American Royal Invitational, Kansas, USA, 125 Teams 

120th Overall, GC Clark Crew BBQ

03.09.2017 American Royal Open, Kansas, USA, 450 Teams

116.th Overall
Best International Team

15.09.2017 Slovenian BBQ Society, 24 Teams

3rd. Brisket
4th Ribs
9th Pork
10th Chicken

2nd Overall. Reserve Grand Champion, GC Brig Boys

25.09.2017 Ruhrpott BBQ, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

3rd Pork
12th Ribs
18th Brisket
37th Chicken 😮

10.th Overall

14.10.2017 Tallya BBQ Fest, Ungarn

27.10.2017 Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ World Championchip, Lynchburg, USA