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Competitions 2016 – Dragon BBQ Team

Dragon BBQ Competition Tour 2016

01.05. 2016 Smoke at the River, Brugg/Switzerland, 20 Teams

3.rd Ribs
6.th Chicken
9.th Brisket
12.th Pork

5.th Overall

14.05.2016 Tony Stone, Haarem, Netherlands, 65 Teams

12.th Brisket
28.th Chicken
21.th Ribs
58.th Pork

29.th Overall

21.05.2016 Bohemien BBQ, Prag, Czech Republik, 22 Teams

8.th Brisket
9.th Pork
10.th Chicken
12. Ribs

9. Overall

24.07.2016 1.st Black Forest Smoke & Wine Festival, Schliengen, 29 Teams


21.08.2016 Eurregio, Germany, 28 Teams

9.th Pork
11.th Chicken
12.th Brisket
14.th Ribs

12.th Overall

Grand Champion: BBQ Longhorn Ranch Hands
Reserve Grand Champion: Bunch of Swines

10.09.2016 Brescia, Italy, 29 Teams

18.th Pork
11.th Chicken
22.th Brisket
7.th Ribs

13.th Overall

Grand Champion: Miss Piggy´s BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion: Bad BBQ Team

24.09.2016 Ruhrpott BBQ, Germany, 67 Teams

2.nd Chefs Choice – 180 Perfect Score
4.th Brisket
8.th Pork
9.th Ribs
10.th Chicken
16.th Sausage

2.nd Overall RGC
Grand Champion: Bunch of Swines, UK

08.10.2016 BBQ Cookoff, Netherlands, 42 Teams

14.th Chicken
37.th Ribs
11.th Pork
29.th Brisket

24.th overall

GC: IQ, Netherlands
RGC: Bunch of Swines

29.10.2016 Dickson County Smoke Fest, Dickson TN, USA, 41 Teams

14.th Chicken
22.th Ribs
33.th Pork
6.th Brisket

14.th Overall

Final Standing at the End of the 2016 Saison

17.th KCBS International Team of the Year out of 110 Teams
25.th European BBQ Challenge Cup out of 250 Teams